Technical Reports

Report No. Titlesort descending Authors
166 A Bayesian Analysis of the Thermal Challenge Problem (2006) Fei Liu, M.J. Bayarri, Rui Paulo, Jerome Sacks
37 A Bayesian Model for the Fate and Transport of Polychlorinated Biphenyl in the Upper Hudson River (1995) Laura J. Steinberg, Kenneth H. Reckhow, Robert L. Wolpert
195 A Bayesian Semiparametric Model for Small Domain Estimation, with application to the National Survey of Recent College Graduates (2016) Neung Soo Ha, Alan F. Karr, Hang Joon Kim
78 A Class of Experimental Design for Estimating a Response Surface and Variance Components (1998) Bruce Ankenman, Hui Liu, Alan F. Karr, Jeffrey D. Picka
85 A Comparison of Regional Oxidant Model (ROM) Output with Observed Ozone Data (1998) Jerry M. Davis, Douglas Nychka
197 A design-sensitive approach to fitting regression models with complex survey data (2017) Phillip S. Kott
124 A Divide-and-Conquer Algorithm for Generating Markov Bases of Multi-way Tables (2002) Adrian Dobra, Seth Sullivant
153 A Framework for Evaluating the Utility of Data Altered to Protect Confidentiality (2006) Alan F. Karr, Christine N. Kohnen, Anna Oganyan, Jerome P. Reiter, Ashish Sanil
128 A Framework for Validation of Computer Models (2002) M.J. Bayarri, David Higdon, Marc Kennedy, Athenasios Kottas, Rui Paulo, Jerome Sacks, John A. Cafeo, J. Cavendish, C.H. Lin, J. Tu
162 A Framework for Validation of Computer Models (2005) M.J. Bayarri, Rui Paulo, Jerome Sacks, John A. Cafeo, J. Cavendish, C.H. Lin, J. Tu
136 A Higher Order Expansion for the Joint Density of the Sum and the Maximum under the Gumbel Domain of Attraction (2003) Amy Grady, Richard L. Smith
92 A Hybrid High-order Markov Chain Model for Computer Intrusion Detection (1999) Wen-Hua Ju, Yehuda Vardi
36 A Hybrid Markov Chain for the Bayesian Analysis of the Multinomial Probit Model (1995) Agostino Nobile
159 A Model for Relating Browser Behavior to Site Design on the World Wide Web (2004) Murali Haran, Alan F. Karr, Ashish Sanil
168 A Model of the Relationship of Sex-Role Orientation to Social Problem-Solving (2007) Xiaolei Wang
16 A Point Process Approach to Modeling Trends in Tropospheric Ozone Based on Exceedances of a High Threshold (1994) Richard L. Smith, Thomas S. Shively
41 A Random Effects Multinomial Probit Model of Car Ownership Choice (1995) Agostino Nobile, Chandra R. Bhat, Eric I. Pas
132 A Risk-Utility Framework for Categorical Data Swapping (2003) Shanti Gomatam, Alan F. Karr, Ashish Sanil
105 A Sequential Approach for Identifying Lead Components in Large Chemical Databases (2000) Markus Abt, Yong Bin Lim, Jerome Sacks, Minge Xie, S. Stanley Young
10 A Spatially Correlated Hierarchical Random Effects Model for Ohio Corn Yield (1994) Nancy J. McMillan, Mark Berliner
175 A Spatio-Temporal Absorbing State Model for Disease and Syndromic Surveillance (2010) Matthew J. Heaton, Jian (Frank) Zou, Alan F. Karr, Gauri Datta, James D. Lynch, Francisco Vera
185 A Tale of Two Matrix Factorizations (2013) Paul Fogel, Douglas M. Hawkins, Chris Beecher, George Luta, S. Stanley Young
59 A Variational Inequality Model of an Ideal Dynamic User-Optimal Route Choice Problem (1997) David E. Boyce, Der-Horng Lee, Bruce N. Janson
1 Accounting for Meteorological Effects in Measuring Urban Ozone Levels and Trends (1993) Peter Bloomfield, Andrew Royle, Qing Yang
90 Accounting for Missing Data in Educational Surveys: A Workshop Report (1999) James Chromy, Graham Kalton, Roderick Little, Ingram Olkin, Lyle V. Jones, Valerie S. L. Williams, Johnny Blair, Richard Jaeger
71 Accounting for Uncertain Travel Time: a Logit Model Assuming a Weighted Utility Function (1997) Pia Maria K. Koskenoja
55 Airborne Particulate Matter and Daily Mortality in Birmingham, Alabama (1996) Jerry M. Davis, Jerome Sacks, Nancy Saltzman, Richard L. Smith, Patricia E. Styer
63 An Empirical Study of Regression Test Selection Technique (1997) Todd Graves, Mary Jean Harrold, Jung-Min Kim, Adam Porter, Greg Rothermel
18 An Illustration of the Use of Generalized Linear Models to Measure Long-Term Trends in the Wet Deposition of Sulfate (1994) Patricia E. Styer
13 Analysis of Loggerhead Turtle Strandings from South Carolina and Estimation of the Effect of Turtle-Excluder Device Use in Shrimp Nets (1994) Andrew Royle, Larry B. Crowder
48 Analysis of Probe-Based Information on Signalized Arterials (1996) Piyushimita Thakuriah, Ashish Sen, Alan F. Karr
29 Analysis of Protein Activity Data by Gaussian Stochastic Process Models (1995) Nancy J. McMillan, Jerome Sacks, Feng Gao
2 Arctic sea ice variability: Model sensitivities and a multidecadal simulation (1993) William L. Chapman, William J. Welch, Kenneth P. Bowman, Jerome Sacks, John E. Walsh
50 Arterial Link Travel Time Estimation: Probes, Detectors and Assignment-type Models (1996) Ashish Sen, Siim Sööt, Joseph Ligas, Xin Tian
137 Assessing Uncertainties in Traffic Simulation: A Key Component in Model Calibration and Validation (2003) M.J. Bayarri, German Molina, Nagui Rouphail, Jerome Sacks