Rui Paulo

Rui Paulo
ISEG Technical University
Professional Title: 
Assistant Professor

Rui Paulo is Assistant Professor at ISEG Technical University in Portugal. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science in 1998 from the Instituto Superior Tecnico in Lisbon, Portugal and his Ph.D. in Statistics from Duke. University. He was a postdoc at NISS in 2002.

Paulo's interests include Bayesian Inference and the interface between the frequentist and the Bayesian paradigms, objective Bayes, Statistical analysis of computer models and Bayesian computation.

NISS Research Projects

Technical Reports

  • Default Priors for Gaussian Processes (2003) -
  • Computer Model Validation with Functional Output (2006) -
  • Calibrating and Validating Deterministic Traffic Models: Application to the HCM Control Delay at Signalized Intersections (2004) -
  • Bayesian Validation of a Computer Model for Vehicle Crashworthiness (2005) -
  • A Framework for Validation of Computer Models (2005) -
  • A Framework for Validation of Computer Models (2002) -
  • A Bayesian Analysis of the Thermal Challenge Problem (2006) -