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Donating to the NISS General Fund or to the Ingram Olkin Forum (IOF)

NISS created a series of Forums, named in memory of Ingram Olkin, under the broad theme of Statistics Serving Society (S3). To see the full information about the IOF, please visit here. To support these Statistics Serving Society (S3) forums, please indicate the Ingram Olkin Forum on your check or if donating by credit card, add to the Description box.

Gifts of any size to The NISS Fund enable us to increase our value to the community and to pursue exciting new opportunities. At the same time, we also serve the statistical sciences community that created us, through the creation of new opportunities for statisticians, human resource development - especially of early career researchers, and providing multiple paths for collaboration and networking across disciplines and organizations.

NISS is a 501(c)(3) corporation, and all gifts are tax-deductible. Keep in mind that your employer may match your contribution, so please inquire with your offices Human Resources representative about matching your contribution.

To contribute by credit card: click on DONATE just below, and PLEASE BE CERTAIN TO:

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Instructions on how to Pay your Annual Affiliate Membership Dues online

If you wish to contribute by CHECK, please make payable to NISS and mail your check to:

  • National Institute of Statistical Sciences, P.O. Box 33762, Washington, DC 20033 
  • In the memo line, please write "The NISS Fund (specify year)" or your specific cause.

If you have any questions, please call us at (202) 800-3880.

Our three primary emphases are:

  • RESEARCH, through high-impact projects conducted with partners that include the Defense Threat Reduction Agency, Education Statistics Services Institute, Hamner Institutes for Health Sciences, National Agricultural Statistics Service, National Cancer Institute, National Center for Education Statistics, National Center for Health Statistics, National Science Foundation and Transportation Research Board, as well as our sister institute, the Statistical and Applied Mathematical Sciences Institute.
  • PEOPLE, especially the more than 70 NISS postdoctoral fellows, who are now scattered around the world conducting significant and important research in statistics and other disciplines.  In addition, more than 50 statistical and other scientists participate in our projects, drawn not only from the partners, but also from more than 20 universities, corporations, and research institutes.
  • RELATIONSHIPS, through its award-winning affiliates program, workshops on topics ranging from financial risk to total survey error to computational advertising, and other science, social science and policy challenges that data science can address, NISS builds relationships within the statistics community, constructs bridges across sectors and creates new connections with other disciplines.  The goal and the result is an enlarged future for statistics.

Your donation to NISS can be designated for any specific activity in support of this NISS mission, you just need to name the specific Fund on your check or in the credit card description box.

We THANK YOU for your contribution to NISS and

hope your support will allow us to impact you and/or your organization in a positive way in the future!

The more we do, the better we understand what else we can do.

We need your help!

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