Technical Reports

Report No.sort ascending Title Authors
126 NISS WebSwap: A Web Service for Data Swapping (2002) Ashish Sanil, Shanti Gomatam, Alan F. Karr, Chunhua (Charlie) Liu
125 Software Systems for Tabular Data Releases (2002) Alan F. Karr, Adrian Dobra, Ashish Sanil, Stephen E. Fienberg
124 A Divide-and-Conquer Algorithm for Generating Markov Bases of Multi-way Tables (2002) Adrian Dobra, Seth Sullivant
123 Robust Singular Value Decomposition Analysis of Microarray Data (2002) Li Liu, Douglas M. Hawkins, Sujoy Ghosh, S. Stanley Young
122 Robust Singular Value Decomposition (2001) Douglas M. Hawkins, Li Liu, S. Stanley Young
121 Disclosure Risk vs. Data Utility: The R-U Confidentiality Map (2001) George T. Duncan, Sallie Keller, S. Lynne Stokes
120 Table Servers: Protecting Confidentiality in Tabular Data Releases (2001) Alan F. Karr, Adrian Dobra, Ashish Sanil
119 Random-Walk-Based Estimates of Transport Properties in Small Specimens of Composite Materials (2001) Jeffrey D. Picka, Karthik Chermakani
118 Workshop Report: Workshop on Statistics and Information Technology (2001) Alan F. Karr, Jaeyong Lee, Ashish Sanil
117 Workshop Report: Affiliates Workshop on Data Quality (2001) Alan F. Karr, Ashish Sanil, Jerome Sacks, Ahmed Elmagarmid
116 Bounds for Cell Entries in Contingency Tables Induced by Fixed Marginal Totals (2001) Adrian Dobra, Stephen E. Fienberg
115 Permeability of Cracked Steel Fiber-Reinforced Concrete (2001) Julie Rapoport, Corina-Maria Aldea, Surendra P. Shah, Bruce Ankenman, Alan F. Karr
114 Variability of Travel Times on Arterial Links: Effects of Signals and Volume (2000) Todd Graves, Alan F. Karr, Piyushimita Thakuriah
113 Visualizing Software Changes (2000) Stephen G. Eick, Paul Schuster, Audris Mockus, Todd Graves, Alan F. Karr
112 Statistically-Based Validation of Computer Simulation Models in Traffic Operations and Management (2000) Jerome Sacks, Nagui Rouphail, Byungkyu Brian Park, Piyushimita Thakuriah
111 Statistical Analyses of Freeway Traffic Flows (2000) Claudia Tebaldi, Mike West, Alan F. Karr
110 Assessment of a Stochastic Signal Optimization Method Using Microsimulation (2000) Byungkyu Brian Park, Nagui Rouphail, Jerome Sacks
109 Direct Signal Timing Optimization: Strategy Development and Results (2000) Nagui Rouphail, Byungkyu Brian Park, Jerome Sacks
108 Bounds for Cell Entries in Contingency Tables Given Marginal Totals and Decomposable Graphs (2000) Adrian Dobra, Stephen E. Fienberg
107 Disseminating Information but Protecting Confidentiality (2000) Alan F. Karr, Jaeyong Lee, Ashish Sanil, Joel Hernandez, Sousan Karimi, Karen Litwin
106 Visual Scalability (2000) Stephen G. Eick, Alan F. Karr
105 A Sequential Approach for Identifying Lead Components in Large Chemical Databases (2000) Markus Abt, Yong Bin Lim, Jerome Sacks, Minge Xie, S. Stanley Young
104 Packings and Approximate Packings of Spheres (2000) D.J. Daley
103 Origin-Based Algorithms for Transportation Network Modeling (1999) Hillel Bar-Gera
102 Exploring Statistical Adjustment of Results from the National Assessment of Educational Progress (1999) Valerie S. L. Williams
101 Conditional Genotypic Probabilities for Microsatellite Loci (1999) Jinko Graham, James Curran, Bruce Weir
100 Estimating Hunting Success Rates via Bayesian Generalized Linear Models (1999) Roger Woodard, Dongchu Sun, Zhuoqiong He, Steven L. Sheriff
99 Intrinsic Priors for Testing Ordered Exponential Means (1999) Dongchu Sun, Seong W. Kim
98 Spatio-Temporal Interaction with Disease Mapping (1999) Dongchu Sun, Robert K. Tsutakawa, Hoon Kim, Zhuoqiong He
97 Random Effects in Generalized Linear Mixed Models (1999) Dongchu Sun, Paul Speckman, Robert K. Tsutakawa
96 Posterior Distribution of Hierarchical Models Using CAR(1) Distributions (1999) Dongchu Sun, Robert K. Tsutakawa, Paul Speckman
95 Computer Intrusion: Detecting Masquerades (1999) Matthias Schonlau, William DuMouchel, Wen-Hua Ju, Alan F. Karr, Martin Theus, Yehuda Vardi
94 Finding Clusters in Network Link Strength Data (1999) Todd Graves
93 Case Study: Using the AIRS Database. Report to EPA/CEIS (1999) Peter Bloomfield, Yuntae Kim
92 A Hybrid High-order Markov Chain Model for Computer Intrusion Detection (1999) Wen-Hua Ju, Yehuda Vardi