Technical Reports

Report No.sort ascending Title Authors
21 Shrinking a Wet Deposition Network (1994) Gary W. Oehlert
20 The Ability of Wet Deposition Networks to Detect Temporal Trends (1994) Gary W. Oehlert
19 The Effect of Temporal Aggregation in Models to Estimate Trends in Sulfate Deposition (1994) Patricia E. Styer
18 An Illustration of the Use of Generalized Linear Models to Measure Long-Term Trends in the Wet Deposition of Sulfate (1994) Patricia E. Styer
17 Evaluation of Data from Three Meteorologic Stations for the Parametric Modeling of Rural Ozone (1994) Laura J. Steinberg, Peter Bloomfield
16 A Point Process Approach to Modeling Trends in Tropospheric Ozone Based on Exceedances of a High Threshold (1994) Richard L. Smith, Thomas S. Shively
15 Hierarchical Image Reconstruction Using Markov Random Fields (1994) Nancy J. McMillan, Mark Berliner
14 Predicting the Urban Ozone Levels and Trends with Semiparametric Modeling (1994) Feng Gao, Jerome Sacks, William J. Welch
13 Analysis of Loggerhead Turtle Strandings from South Carolina and Estimation of the Effect of Turtle-Excluder Device Use in Shrimp Nets (1994) Andrew Royle, Larry B. Crowder
12 Combining Environmental Information: Environmetric Research in Ecological Monitoring, Epidemiology, Toxicology, and Environmental Data Reporting (1994) Lawrence H. Cox, Walter W. Piegorsch
11 Environmental Equity: Statistical Issues - Report of A Forum (1994) Jerome Sacks, Laura J. Steinberg
10 A Spatially Correlated Hierarchical Random Effects Model for Ohio Corn Yield (1994) Nancy J. McMillan, Mark Berliner
9 On Exceedance Based Environmental Criteria (1993) M.R. Leadbetter
8 On High Level Exceedance Modeling and Tail Inference (1993) M.R. Leadbetter
7 Multivariate Threshold Methods (1993) Richard L. Smith
6 Modeling High Threshold Exceedances of Urban Ozone (1993) Richard L. Smith, Li-Shan Huang
5 Rural Ozone and Meteorology: Analysis and Comparison with Urban Ozone (1993) Peter Bloomfield, Andrew Royle, Qing Yang
4 Statistics and Materials Science- A Report of a workshop (1994) Alan F. Karr
3 Parameter space of an ocean general circulation model using an isopycnal mixing parameterization (1993) William A. Gough, William J. Welch
2 Arctic sea ice variability: Model sensitivities and a multidecadal simulation (1993) William L. Chapman, William J. Welch, Kenneth P. Bowman, Jerome Sacks, John E. Walsh
1 Accounting for Meteorological Effects in Measuring Urban Ozone Levels and Trends (1993) Peter Bloomfield, Andrew Royle, Qing Yang