Technical Reports

Report No. Titlesort descending Authors
79 Real-Time Prediction of Incipient Congestion on Freeways from Detector Data (1998) Todd Graves, Alan F. Karr, Nagui Rouphail, Piyushimita Thakuriah
43 Regression Modeling of Ordinal Data with Nonzero Baselines (1996) Minge Xie, Douglas G. Simpson
179 Risk-Utility Paradigms for Statistical Disclosure Limitation:How to Think, But Not How to Act (2011) Lawrence H. Cox, Alan F. Karr, Satkartar (Saki) Kinney
56 Roadway Incident Analysis with a Dynamic User-Optimal Route Choice Model (1997) David E. Boyce, Der-Horng Lee, Bruce N. Janson
122 Robust Singular Value Decomposition (2001) Douglas M. Hawkins, Li Liu, S. Stanley Young
123 Robust Singular Value Decomposition Analysis of Microarray Data (2002) Li Liu, Douglas M. Hawkins, Sujoy Ghosh, S. Stanley Young
5 Rural Ozone and Meteorology: Analysis and Comparison with Urban Ozone (1993) Peter Bloomfield, Andrew Royle, Qing Yang
47 Sampling from a Bivariate Distribution with Known Marginals (1996) Vincent Granville
24 Scaled Link Functions and Generalized Likelihood Inferences for Heterogeneous Binary Response Data (1994) Douglas G. Simpson, Raymond J. Carroll, Minge Xie
152 Secure Analysis of Distributed Chemical Databases without Data Integration (2005) Alan F. Karr, Jun Feng, Xiaodong Lin, Jerome P. Reiter, Ashish Sanil, S. Stanley Young
160 Secure computation with horizontally partitioned data using adaptive regressive splines (2006) Joyee Ghosh, Jerome P. Reiter, Alan F. Karr
146 Secure Regression for Vertically Partitioned, Partially Overlapping Data (2004) Jerome P. Reiter, Christine N. Kohnen, Alan F. Karr, Xiaodong Lin, Ashish Sanil
141 Secure Regression on Distributed Databases (2004) Alan F. Karr, Xiaodong Lin, Ashish Sanil, Jerome P. Reiter
147 Secure Statistical Analysis of Distributed Databases (2005) Alan F. Karr, Xiaodong Lin, Ashish Sanil, Jerome P. Reiter
158 Secure, Privacy-Preserving Analysis of Distributed Databases (2005) Alan F. Karr, William J. Fulp, Francisco Vera, S. Stanley Young, Xiaodong Lin, Jerome P. Reiter
75 Sensitivity Analysis of Computer Models: The World Bank HDM-III Model (1998) Donath Mrawira, William J. Welch, Matthias Schonlau, Ralph Haas
157 Sensitivity to Noise Variance in a Social Network Dynamics Model (2006) H.T. Banks, Alan F. Karr, H.K. Nguyen, J.R. Samuels
21 Shrinking a Wet Deposition Network (1994) Gary W. Oehlert
189 Simultaneous Edit-Imputation for Continuous Microdata (2014) Hang Joon Kim, Lawrence H. Cox, Alan F. Karr, Jerome P. Reiter, Quanli Wang
125 Software Systems for Tabular Data Releases (2002) Alan F. Karr, Adrian Dobra, Ashish Sanil, Stephen E. Fienberg
44 Some Statistical Properties of Link Travel Times (1996) D.J. Daley
38 Spatial Sampling and the Environment (1995) Dennis D. Cox, Lawrence H. Cox, Katherine B. Ensor
98 Spatio-Temporal Interaction with Disease Mapping (1999) Dongchu Sun, Robert K. Tsutakawa, Hoon Kim, Zhuoqiong He
73 Statistical Advances in Environmental Science (1997) Walter W. Piegorsch, Eric P. Smith, Don Edwards, Richard L. Smith
111 Statistical Analyses of Freeway Traffic Flows (2000) Claudia Tebaldi, Mike West, Alan F. Karr
135 Statistical Design of Pools Using Optimal Coverage and Minimal Collision (2003)
Katja S. Remlinger, Jacqueline M. Hughes-Oliver, S. Stanley Young, Raymond L.H. Lam
184 Statistical Disclosure Limitation in the Presence of Edit Rules (2013) Hang Joon Kim, Alan F. Karr, Jerome P. Reiter
60 Statistical Inference for Gravity Models in Transportation Flow Forecasting (1997) Mike West
112 Statistically-Based Validation of Computer Simulation Models in Traffic Operations and Management (2000) Jerome Sacks, Nagui Rouphail, Byungkyu Brian Park, Piyushimita Thakuriah
4 Statistics and Materials Science- A Report of a workshop (1994) Alan F. Karr
26 Stratified Ordinal Regression: A Tool for Combining Information from Disparate Toxicological Studies (1994) Raymond J. Carroll, Douglas G. Simpson, Haibo Zhou
161 Survey Costs: Workshop Report and White Paper (2006) Alan F. Karr, Michael Last
120 Table Servers: Protecting Confidentiality in Tabular Data Releases (2001) Alan F. Karr, Adrian Dobra, Ashish Sanil
177 Testing the monotonicity or convexity of a function using regression splines (2010) Jianqiang (Jay) Wang, Mary C. Meyer
20 The Ability of Wet Deposition Networks to Detect Temporal Trends (1994) Gary W. Oehlert