Technical Reports

Report No.sort ascending Title Authors
56 Roadway Incident Analysis with a Dynamic User-Optimal Route Choice Model (1997) David E. Boyce, Der-Horng Lee, Bruce N. Janson
55 Airborne Particulate Matter and Daily Mortality in Birmingham, Alabama (1996) Jerry M. Davis, Jerome Sacks, Nancy Saltzman, Richard L. Smith, Patricia E. Styer
54 Frequency of Probe Vehicle Reports and Variance of Arterial Link Travel Time Estimates (1996) Ashish Sen, Piyushimita Thakuriah, Xioquon Zhu, Alan F. Karr
53 Non-Response and Urban Travel Models (1996) Piyushimita Thakuriah, Ashish Sen, Siim Sööt, Ed J. Christopher
52 Link Travel Time Estimation with Imputed Signal Control Information (1996) Piyushimita Thakuriah
51 Quality of Information Given By Advanced Traveler Information Systems (1996) Piyushimita Thakuriah, Ashish Sen
50 Arterial Link Travel Time Estimation: Probes, Detectors and Assignment-type Models (1996) Ashish Sen, Siim Sööt, Joseph Ligas, Xin Tian
49 Estimation of Static Travel Times in a Dynamic Route Guidance System - II (1996) Ashish Sen, Siim Sööt, Piyushimita Thakuriah, Helen Condie
48 Analysis of Probe-Based Information on Signalized Arterials (1996) Piyushimita Thakuriah, Ashish Sen, Alan F. Karr
47 Sampling from a Bivariate Distribution with Known Marginals (1996) Vincent Granville
46 Permeability Study of Cracked Concrete (1996) Kejin Wang, Daniel C. Jansen, Surendra P. Shah, Alan F. Karr
45 Bayes Methods for Combining Disease and Exposure Data in Assessing Environmental Justice (1996) Lance A. Waller, Bradley P. Carlin
44 Some Statistical Properties of Link Travel Times (1996) D.J. Daley
43 Regression Modeling of Ordinal Data with Nonzero Baselines (1996) Minge Xie, Douglas G. Simpson
42 Design Interface: A graphical tool for analyzing and constructing spatial designs (1996) Douglas Nychka, Nancy Saltzman, Andrew Royle
41 A Random Effects Multinomial Probit Model of Car Ownership Choice (1995) Agostino Nobile, Chandra R. Bhat, Eric I. Pas
40 Trip-Chaining Distribution Models (1995) Paul Metaxatos, Ashish Sen
39 Generation of Synthetic Daily Activity-Travel Patterns: Outline of the Approach (1995) Ryuichi Kitamura
38 Spatial Sampling and the Environment (1995) Dennis D. Cox, Lawrence H. Cox, Katherine B. Ensor
37 A Bayesian Model for the Fate and Transport of Polychlorinated Biphenyl in the Upper Hudson River (1995) Laura J. Steinberg, Kenneth H. Reckhow, Robert L. Wolpert
36 A Hybrid Markov Chain for the Bayesian Analysis of the Multinomial Probit Model (1995) Agostino Nobile
35 Perspectives on Statistics for Educational Research: Proceedings of a Workshop (1995) Valerie S. L. Williams, Lyle V. Jones, Ingram Olkin
34 Projecting to the NAEP Scale: Results from the North Carolina End-of-Grade Testing Program (1995) Valerie S. L. Williams, Kathleen Billeaud, Lori A. Davis, David Thissen, Eleanor E. Sanford
33 Controlling Error in Multiple Comparisons, with Special Attention to the National Assessment of Educational Progress (1994) Valerie S. L. Williams, Lyle V. Jones, John W. Tukey
32 Model Selection in Environmental Statistics (1995) Richard L. Smith
31 Questioning Multilevel Models (1994) Jan de Leeuw, Ita G. G. Kreft
30 The Effect of Different Forms of Centering in Hierarchical Linear Models (1994) Ita G. G. Kreft, Jan de Leeuw, Leona S. Aiken
29 Analysis of Protein Activity Data by Gaussian Stochastic Process Models (1995) Nancy J. McMillan, Jerome Sacks, Feng Gao
28 The Effect of Airborne Particulate Matter on Daily Death Counts (1994) Patricia E. Styer, Nancy J. McMillan, Feng Gao, Jerry M. Davis, Jerome Sacks
27 Hierarchical Bayes Linear Models for Meta-Analysis (1994) William DuMouchel
26 Stratified Ordinal Regression: A Tool for Combining Information from Disparate Toxicological Studies (1994) Raymond J. Carroll, Douglas G. Simpson, Haibo Zhou
25 Interval Censoring and Marginal Analysis in Ordinal Regression (1994) Raymond J. Carroll, Douglas G. Simpson, Haibo Zhou
24 Scaled Link Functions and Generalized Likelihood Inferences for Heterogeneous Binary Response Data (1994) Douglas G. Simpson, Raymond J. Carroll, Minge Xie
23 Multiple Hypothesis Testing: A Review (1994) Juliet Popper Shaffer
22 Description of the Gulf States Ozone Monitoring Network and Decomposition into Subnetworks (1994) Andrew Royle, Peter Bloomfield, Douglas Nychka, Qing Yang