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Paul Fogel, Consultant (Paris, France)
Douglas M. Hawkins (University of Minnesota)
S. Stanley Young (NISS)

New Version 4.3.1 released 8/23/11. It runs only under JMP version 9.0 and later.

  • Supports robust and regular singular value decomposition 
  • Supports four algorithms for non-negative matrix factorization + sparsity options. 
  • Provides visualization, heatmaps, score plots of the factorization 
  • Gives a novel method to judge the number of NMF factors 
  • Provides fitted and residual matrices 
  • Effects a clustering of the rows and columns of the matrix 
  • Provides association statistics between NMF clusters and actual groups, ROC curves 
  • Gives novel methods of determining which columns can be used to predict class labels that is more powerful than traditional methods
  • New user interface

The most recent version of this software can be obtained through the JMP Community web page:

Related Publications

Fogel, P., Young, S.S., Hawkins, D.M., Ledirac N. "Inferential, robust non-negative matrix factorization analysis of microarray data". Bioinformatics.  (PDF File). And supplemental material mentioned in this article (ZIP file).

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Young, S.S., Fogel, P., Hawkins, D. M."Clustering Scotch Whiskies using Non-Negative Matrix Factorization". (PDF File)

Scotch Whiskies dataset.