NISS 2021 Affiliate "Luncheon" Program Focuses on Statistical Significance

Xuming He (University of Michigan), reviews the timeline of the task force.Xuming He (University of Michigan), discusses the parameters of the task force's statement.Linda Young (NASS), begins a list of places the task force statement will be disseminated.Luncheon Speakers included: Karen Kafadar- 2019 ASA President, (University of Virginia), Xuming He - Task Force Co-chair, (University of Michigan), Linda Young - Task Force Co-chair, (NASS), Steven Stigler, (University of Chicago), Nancy Reid (University of Toronto) and Yoav Benjamini, (Tel Aviv University).

NISS 2021 Affiliate "Luncheon" Program

NISS Affiliates liaisons and representatives representing academia, industry and government institutions traditionally meet over lunch at JSM to catch up with one another and hear from speakers on a topic of current interest. Prospective affiliates members are also invited to learn about the NISS affiliate programs at this event.  However, this year, because JSM is once again a virtual event, NISS held an online "luncheon" - even though it was scheduled at 5 pm ET.  

This year, the luncheon speakers featured Karen Kafadar, the 2019 American Statistical Association (ASA) President from the University of Virginia.  Karen initiated the ASA Task Force on Statistical Significance and Replicability during her year as ASA President.  The task force was convened to address issues surrounding the use of p-values and statistical significance, as well as their connection to replicability.  Xuming He from the University of Michigan and Linda Young from NASS served as co-chairs of this Task Force and also conttributed remarks regarding this work.  In additon, Steven Stigler, (University of Chicago), Nancy Reid, (University of Toronto) and Yoav Benjamini, (Tel Aviv University) were invited to contribute to the conversation.

Below please find a recording of this session which provides a quick review the work of the Task Force.


For convenience, here is a link to "The ASA President's Task Force Statement on Statistical Significance and Replicability" (Reprinted here on the NISS website with permission from Institute of Mathematical Statistics).

Task force committee members include:  Yoav Benjamini (Tel Aviv University), Richard De Veaux (Williams College), Bradlet Effron (Stanford University), Scott Evans (George Washington University), Mark Glickman (Harvard University), Barry Grubard (National Cancer Institite), Xuming He (University of Michigan), Xiao-li Meng (Harvard University), Nancy Reid (University of Toronto), Stephen Stigler (University of Chicago), Stephen B. Vardeman (Iowa State University), Christopher K. Wilke (University of Missouri), Tommy Wright (United States Bureau of the Census), Linda Young (National Agricultural Statistics Service) and Karen Kafadar (University of Virginia).

Thursday, August 5, 2021 by Glenn Johnson