Georgia Statistics Day 2022

Friday, October 28, 2022

The purpose of this event is to promote interdisciplinary research within the flagship institutions of the state of Georgia. Our conference will enable junior researchers in the Southeast region of the United States, including graduate students, to present their work, to see state of the art developments in research on statistics and related scientific areas, and to interact with some of the key players in the area. Georgia Statistics Day puts emphasis on mentoring of junior researchers and on interaction between senior and junior researchers.


Abhyuday Mandal, University of Georgia, T.N. Sriram, University of Georgia

Steering Committee

Abhyuday Mandal, University of Georgia; Roshan Joseph and Xiaoming Huo, Georgia Institute of Technology; Robert Krafty, Emory University 

Local Organizing Committee

Abhyuday Mandal, University of Georgia; Yao Xie, Georgia Institute of Technology;  Steve Qin, Emory University


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Keynote Speaker

Nilanjan Chatterjee, Biostatistics and Genetic Epidemiology, Johns Hopkins University

Featured Speakers

Liang Liu, University of Georgia

Yao Xie, Georgia Institute of Technology

Benjamin Risk, Emory University

Event Type


Department of Statistics, University of Georgia


National Institute of Statistical Sciences


$150 Regular, $100 Student (fees increase after 9/30/2022)


The Georgia Center for Continuing Education & Hotel
1197 South Lumpkin Street
United States
Keynote Speaker: Nilanjan Chatterjee (Johns Hopkins University)  Featured Speakers: Liang Liu (University of Georgia), Yao Xie (Georgia Institute of Technology), Benjamin Risk (Emory University)