University of Texas at Austin, Department of Statistics and Data Sciences

The mission of the Department of Statistics and Data Sciences at the University of Texas at Austin is to be a world-class center for research and education in statistical science.  The department is an internationally recognized leader in the development of Bayesian statistical methodology, scalable methods for high-dimensional data analysis, and causal inference methodology, topics that are at the core of modern data science research.  Its faculty engage in multi-disciplinary collaborations in areas ranging from medical decision making to behavioral neuroscience to social network analysis, bringing state-of-the-art statistical methodology to bear on problems of great societal importance.  In order to prepare UT graduates to flourish in an information-rich world, the department offers a wide variety of courses at all levels and administers various degree programs.  The department also supports scholarship across campus and the broader community by offering statistical consulting services and hosting its annual Summer Statistical Institute.

Department Head

Catherine Calder

Affiliate Liaison Contact

Abhra Sarkar

Early-Career Affiliate Liaison

Abhra Sarkar

Affiliate Location: 
Austin, Texas