Cornell University, Department of Statistics and Data Science

Cornell University, Department of Statistics and Data Science

The Department of Statistics and Data Science’s academic and research programs take advantage of Cornell University's extensive resources, drawing from many colleges and research groups.  Cornell University's recently launched Department of Statistics and Data Science (DSDS) is a multi-college partnership that combines the traditional tools of statistics, a solid foundation in probability theory, and the skills of computer science into a single, radically collaborative department. Specializations in the department include statistical science, social statistics, and biometry and range from mathematical statistics, computational statistics, and machine learning to the development of statistical methods for astrophysics, ecology, economics, epidemiology, financial modeling, genomics, high dimensional data, neurobiology, legal studies, medicine, public health and risk management.

Statistics and Data Science faculty members and staff are committed to excellent training and instruction at the undergraduate, MPS and PhD levels. We encourage potential students to obtain more information about statistics as a profession, and our department as a place to learn it. Prospective students will find explicit guidelines, program descriptions and forms to learn about and facilitate the application for admission to our undergraduate and graduate programs. 

Department Head

Martin Wells

Affiliate Liaison Contacts

James Booth

Y. Samuel Wang

Affiliate Location: 
Ithaca, New York