Technical Reports

Report No.sort descending Title Authors
176 On the asymptotic normality and variance estimation for nondifferentiable survey estimators (2010) Jianqiang (Jay) Wang
177 Testing the monotonicity or convexity of a function using regression splines (2010) Jianqiang (Jay) Wang, Mary C. Meyer
178 Variance Component Analysis of a Multi-Site Study for the Reproducibility of Multiple Reaction Monitoring Measurements of Peptides in Human Plasma (2011) Jessie Qing Xia, Nell Sedransk, Xingdong Feng
179 Risk-Utility Paradigms for Statistical Disclosure Limitation:How to Think, But Not How to Act (2011) Lawrence H. Cox, Alan F. Karr, Satkartar (Saki) Kinney
180 Combining Cohorts in Longitudinal Surveys (2011) Iván A. Carrillo-Garcia, Alan F. Karr
181 The World's Simplest Survey Microsimulator (WSSM) (2012) Alan F. Karr, Lawrence H. Cox
182 Multiple Imputation of Missing or Faulty Values Under Linear Constraints (2013) Hang Joon Kim, Jerome P. Reiter, Quanli Wang, Lawrence H. Cox, Alan F. Karr
183 The Effect of Statistical Disclosure Limitation on Parameter Estimation for a Finite Population (2013) Hang Joon Kim, Alan F. Karr
184 Statistical Disclosure Limitation in the Presence of Edit Rules (2013) Hang Joon Kim, Alan F. Karr, Jerome P. Reiter
185 A Tale of Two Matrix Factorizations (2013) Paul Fogel, Douglas M. Hawkins, Chris Beecher, George Luta, S. Stanley Young
186 Why Data Availability is Such a Hard Problem (2014) Alan F. Karr
187 Multiple Imputation of Race for Project TALENT (2014) Alan F. Karr
189 Simultaneous Edit-Imputation for Continuous Microdata (2014) Hang Joon Kim, Lawrence H. Cox, Alan F. Karr, Jerome P. Reiter, Quanli Wang
190 Offline Reading Baseline Assessment: Combining 4th and 8th Grade NAEP Items (2013) Weiwei Cui, Eli Bruner, Nell Sedransk
191 Evaluation of Performance-based and Task-based Assessments of Online Research and Comprehension (2014) Nell Sedransk, Eli Bruner, Weiwei Cui
192 Evaluation and Comparison of Two Performance-based Assessments and a Comparable Task- based Assessment of Online Reading and Comprehension (2014) Weiwei Cui, Eli Bruner, Nell Sedransk
193 Multinomial Logistic Regression with Data from Multi-Cohort Longitudinal Surveys (2014) Iván A. Carrillo-Garcia, Alan F. Karr
194 Construction of Full Sample and Replicate Weights for Project Talent, with Applications (2014) Zhulin He, Alan F. Karr, Michael P. Cohen, Danielle Battle, Deanna Lyter Achorn, Alexander D. McKay
195 A Bayesian Semiparametric Model for Small Domain Estimation, with application to the National Survey of Recent College Graduates (2016) Neung Soo Ha, Alan F. Karr, Hang Joon Kim
196 Integrity, Independence and Innovation: The Future of NCES (2016)
197 A design-sensitive approach to fitting regression models with complex survey data (2017) Phillip S. Kott